Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Passion in a Cup of Tea

It's the season of warm drinks - mulled wine, hot chocolate and teas being the favourites. 
I am really passionate about tea, black tea! There are at least seven different ones in my kitchen cupboard,  Earl Grey, Westminster, Assam, Darjeeling a.o. and I love to use different type of sugar to sweeten each one. Their perfume and flavours are so different, but in winter, there is a special extra which is missing. So I start using the black teas as a base for my WINTER teas.

One of these which I have created is a mixture of English Westminster with the content of one passion fruit for one liter of water. You will notice that it gives an exotic touch to the tea, makes it milder but also a bit fresher due to its soury taste. This tea has become a hit in our family and with our friends who were lucky enough to taste it. It really tastes great. But what tastes even better is the tranquility which having a cup of tea gives you. It's my favourite me-time: having a cup of good tea and reading a book.

I dare you to try my recipe. You will love it!

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