Friday, August 14, 2015

The Istanbul Adventure

Three years ago I wandered to a new territory, set foot for the first time in Turkey and visited Istanbul with my friends. Last days I was there with my amazing mother, with whom I have already been on so many adventures before and with whom I like to explore the unknown and discover new cultures and territories.

This adventure is something I am still processing, as it is truly amazing. Take note: this city has not been created for a city break only! Whoever plans to do that in Istanbul, commits a huge mistake. For this city has so much to offer, more than one can imagine, and way more than I have expected, and I am glad I was able to offer it more than one week of my life and get so much more in return...
However, I couldn't have enjoyed as much as I did, without a proper planning beforehand. The dimensions of the city are huge, but so is the number of interesting place to visit. I will detail more on those on future posts on the blog, so stay tuned!

Ligos, Byzantium, Constantinopole, Istanbul - it is many cities in one and yet one city with so many stories to tell. So many people have passed through, have been its guests, have left a mark on it or were influenced on their own by this city. The old city center, Sultanahmet, still breathes these stories of the past. With every footstep you take, you go where millions have already been before you, you are overwhelmed by the greatness of the constructions, by the simple moment you spend at a corner tea house sipping your tasty black Turkish tea, you are tangled within the streams of people walking each day on those streets, your blood starts rushing once you step into the Bazaar and start negotiating, and you are yet surprised by the tranquility which you find in even central parks, such as the Gulhane park, close to the Topkapi Palace.

Then you take a look at the Bosphorus, or even ride its waves to the next shore, you breathe in the air around you and just smile: you have made it! You are in one of the greatest cities in history (and in the world), and you have become part of it, part of its history. 


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