Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wild Olive - An Artisan's Love

Time. This is one of the most precious gifts, someone can offer you. 

It takes time to find the people you love and who love you back, but even more time to grow this love into a beautiful relationship that can last you a lifetime. It takes passion and dedication for that person, in order to learn their habits, their needs and desires. And it takes time to make everything happen for you, the both of you, together.

As you well know, I don’t like grabbing something off a shelf in order to complete a task, but I like to personalize every present. This is why, when I also find a product which has been designed and crafted by artisans, who have dedicated their passion, love and respect of the natural and organic into creating and sharing a work of art with the world, then I know, this is the right kind of gift of love.

The philosophy behind the Willd Olive range is exactly what I defined above: starting from a spark of inspiration, following a creative path, using local, organic, natural products and taking the time for the long skilled and trained hands to process and to finalize a product that is art.

Pantifolia lignosa (woody vanilla forest composition), Rosaria (Wild Olive’s interpretation of the rose), Flora Capensis (real African perfume, composed with indigenious Fynbos), Florae (the white flower composition) and Vetiveria Citrata (fresh, citrusy perfume) are all extremely elaborate and in such a balance with the world they come from, that they are both suited for women and men.
A perfect gift on any occasion. And especially on Valentine ’s Day, when you are truly seeking for that special something for your special someone. 

So why not visit them at their luxurious shop, located in 4 General Eremia Grigorescu Street, Gradina Icoanei area, to find that perfect gift of love.

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