Monday, July 8, 2013

Treasure What You Have

On Saturday we decided to get out of the city and to visit my grandparents. It had been a while since I had seen them, and every time I feel guilty for not being able to find the time to see them. It's easy to find excuses: I work late hours, we are not in the same location, I have important meetings bla bla bla,...but let's be honest, what is more important in life than life itself and the ones who give life to you or are part of your life?!

Spending quality time with our loved ones is the most precious treasure everyone has a chest of, but few find the time to find the key which opens the lock. Very metaphorical, I know, but it's like that: we have our family next to us, but mostly make the mistake of taking time with them for granted. And it's not there.

My grandfather is just as always: concerned about my well-being at a job and secretly hoping for a great grand-child. I find it sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, how simple life can be divided into making something out of your own and then transmitting it to others. They too worked hard, and even now he does, my grandpa, over 80, works his garden and finds comfort in feeding his animals which give him food (milk, meat). He is happy. And when he finds a moment to sit and rest, he is eager to share some of his life wisdom or life experiences with us, even if it wasn't the easiest life, au contraire, and we, the next generations, just have to sit, listen, and,...if we choose to, LEARN!

My grandmother is concerned about finding gifts for us, feeding us, and watching over the future of the family, hence asking me questions about how and what and why... And it's a strange feeling, but in the past 2-3 years I have seen my grandmother more and more different than I have had before, meaning I have started seeing her more and more like a woman than just like my grandma. I have had discussions with her about how to maintain balance in the family, how to be able to have a job, have a family, and still be yourself. There is no guidebook which can replace discussion with her, based on her real-life experience. Oh, and there are also these treasures which she digs out from I don't know where, on Saturday, when she showed me a hand-made (embroidery) national costume, almost 100 years old, which I will be wearing sometimes in the future on special occasions (here in the pictures to see). The best part about these treasures, is the story behind them, which makes them unique.

The best part about your treasure, your FAMILY, is the story behind it, and the fact, that YOU are allowed to be part of it and to continue that story for others who will come. Treasure everyone, while they are still there.

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  1. Frumos costum popular ai! Asa e, ai grija de bunici, atat timp cat inca ii mai ai. O vara minunata iti doresc!


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