Monday, May 7, 2012

With Fashion and Cupcakes - A Great Way to Meet Friends!

Sometimes, after long time of not seeing a dear person in your life, you get a chance so all you do is put some nice clothes on, the friendly smile, and you just grab the next cab to the place they are at. This happened to me a while ago when I heard that my friend Ioana from Fashezine is organizing together with other great people a event which was called pop-up store. It was held at this "hidden treasure" Joie de Vivre and was a fashionable cocktail between BONE jewelry, Coca Zaboloteanu Shoes and Eugenia Enciu clothes. Organised with the great help of two wonderful ladies, Diana and Alina. Oh, and thanks to the lovely half of Ioana, I managed to get some pictures of me as well,...thank you Tudor! Unfortunately I don't really remember who made the small cupcakes, but they tasted as good (or maybe better) as they looked, if anyone would like to leave a comment with the baker's name, I would highly appreciate it!

Cupcakes, sun, fun,...all you need on a wonderful weekend.
But guess there's one more thing I need, and hope that Ioana can fulfill my wish: that BONE necklace I am wearing is just so great - I know it's limited edition, but I know you'll find something for me! Thanks!
For you all who couldn't make it,...just enjoy the pictures :)

(C) Ingrid Sabine Weber for the pictures in this post 

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