Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Reason For Every Woman to Shine

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Giuseppe Zanotti for Chopard shoes - auctioned in Cannes (from 180,000$)

His international reputation is built upon a solid ground: his long tradition of shoe manufacturing. What makes him unique are his personality, his passion and also the exceptionally refined sensibility which helps him capture the secret desires of every woman. Indeed, Giuseppe Zanotti has been called many times a “shoe god” by the women who wear his designs, and the way the shoes are crafted is his recipe for success. In his mind, the form of the shoe and the line of the heel draw the form of a woman’s body, a woman that is self-confident and sexy, energetic and fashion-forward, but most of all, a woman who feels just great in her skin.

The new Spring Summer 2011 collection of Giuseppe Zanotti Design only comes to highlight what has already been said. This compilation of styles, this “playlist”, as the designer likes to call it, is strongly related to his signature in style. The fabulous, cutting edge shapes, elegant pumps, eye-popping platforms, wonderfully used graphic elements, animal print and jewels and the studs to accessorize all that, all express a different personality, just like a signature does, but all have common elements: the quality of the manufacturing and the reinvention of the designer with every pair he creates.

A material can tell different stories, just as for example the animal print does in this collection: from a flat shoe which can be worn for a walk on the beach to a high-heeled stiletto which is extremely elegant for a night out. There is a shoe for every occasion in this collection and Giuseppe Zanotti made them all sexy, energetic, and empowering. And to show his love for women one more time, Zanotti matches purses to all the shoe styles. Strass and sparkle, flashy and discreet, silent black and passionate red, it’s all available this season.

Be it a vacation getaway, a dinner with friends, a walk down the red carpet, or an unforgettable night out for dancing, you will always get noticed with these fabulous shoes which the Italian designer creates.

Check out this video to see Giuseppe Zanotti around the world ...

(Movie source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LvRr1zgZpU)

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