Thursday, March 3, 2011

London Series part 3 - Chicago...and all that Jazz...

It's evening and you're in London! This means it's time for some entertainment! This city is really one of the most well known cities for its theatres and musicals. I had already made a list of things I might have wanted to see, and on my list were shows such as Billy Elliott, Mamma Mia, War Horses, The Lion King, We Will Rock You, Les Miserables, Stomp, Shoes and many, many more. Of course you cannot make them in a week unless you have a huge budget and you are lucky.

I had heard about this insider tip of the TKTS ticket selling booth in Leicester Square. They are supposed to have theatre tickets , discounted ones, on the day of the show. Discounts may vary, from 5 pounds to 30 pounds,...but seats are limited and are not always the best you can get. It's last minute buying anyways, you couldn't expect things to happen differently.

Apart from the TKTS, when I got off the tube at Leicester Square Station and walked towards the Leicester Square, there were companies here and there selling discounted tickets, and not just for the shows on that night but als for shows in 2 or 3 days from then. So you really have a choice. I tried to negotiate someting, but it is really hard. They know there are so many offering the same thing, that tourists soon loose their energy and buy their tickets at the next booth.

I didn't quite loose my energy, au contraire, I went back to my friend's place and we decided to go for a walk and then for a dinner (her dinner, because I was still with a full stomach after the Alain Ducasse feist). My friend lives in Covent Garden, really nice location for cultural venues and close to theatres as well. So there we were, in front of a West End theatre which would be playing the show CHICAGO on that night. Spontaneously we decided to go in and bought the tickets for the show which was going to take place in two hours from then. We got a half price ticket and seats in the third row,...not bad at all!

After originally opening in 1979 at the Cambridge Theatre, the smash hit musical CHICAGO is back there, with an award-winning, all-singing, all-dancing show. It is a great way of entertainment, the actors are superbly chosen, with both great voices and bodies playing to the wonderful music with the on-stage-band and to the superbe choreography.

I am sure you all know the stories of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, and if you don't, you still get an urge to sing and dance during and after the show. My friend and other theatre visitors went outside during the break and it looked like the dancing was continuing there. It was so much fun. Even days after was my friend singing songs from the play.It had made an impact on her.

And it will make one on you, if you decide to see any of the musicals playing in London. Just buy your ticket and start to sing.



  1. If you're good to Ingrid, Ingrid is good to yooou..pop, squish, cicero, lipschitz!

  2. It sounds wonderful! It's great to catch a show, a play or an exhibition when you visit a city. It leaves such an impression! have you seen any good plays in Bucharest recently?
    ps: thanks for the comment. Sometimes a friendly discussion can lead to unexpected things. Not that it matters too much, I just needed to get it off my chest. Romanian fashion-ha ha!


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