Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What can one find in London...

...cannot be limited and put down in words in just one blog entry! This is why from today I will start my very own London Series, telling you about my trip to London and its surroundings and all I found there: not just some clothes/accessories which you can see below, but also the culture, the music, the sightseeing, the colours and flavours of the markets, the gastronomic diversity and excellence, the fashion, the outings, and of course, the long missed friends. So sit down and take your time to soon enjoy the London Series, Ingrid's Style!

(clutch in the background, bow bracelet and flower ring)

(my very own Vogue 2011 March UK edition with my delight for the title "fashion's new love for colour"-proven by my findings)

(detail on my new skirt from London)


  1. The long missed friends are looking forward to reading your series of articles on London. <3

  2. I am definitely gonna follow this one! xxx

  3. I can't wait! I will go to London in April, so maybe I will follow your footsteps.

  4. Your skirt in the last pic seems really nice :)

  5. Thank you Renatte, Oana, Ioana and Cinnamon.
    @VertAnge - hope you will find some useful information. I am planning to write around 14 entries on my trip to London!

  6. Love the pattern on your new skirt! I can't wait to read all your entries about London. It's a city I absolutely love.:)


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